Spring 2016 Trend Report: Pink & Red

December 10, 2015

Sure, some color combinations are tried and true… Black and white, silver and gold. For Spring 2016 we’re setting those aside and shaking things up a bit. Instead, we’ve filled our store with pink and red, and yes, we’ll be wearing them together! We’re not the only ones — from Lanvin’s Resort 2016 lookbook, to the red carpet and all through the blogosphere this look is everywhere.

Lanvin Resort 2016

Lanvin Resort 2016 – Pink Suede Skirt available at Julianne // info@julianneny.com


1) Be obvious. Make sure your hues vary enough so the combo looks intentional.

2) Stick to solids. Keep things chic, avoid adding prints into the mix.

3) Wear dark accessories. Stick to colors such as navy or black for your shoes and bag.

4) A dash of green doesn’t hurt. Want to take things up a notch? A bight green, as seen above, will do!

Spring 2016 Trend - Red & Pink


1. Oscar de la Renta Sweater – Email info@julianneny.com

2. Caroline Herrera Dress

3. Roland Mouret Pencil Skirt – Email info@julianneny.com

4. Oscar de la Renta Blouse – Email info@julianneny.com

5. Christopher Kane Tank

6. Oscar de la Renta Sandals

7. Perrin Paris Clutch

8. Roland Mouret Trousers – Email info@julianneny.com

9. Rosetta Getty Silk Pants

10. Lanvin Dress

Lanvin Tassel Belt, available at Julianne Boutique

Lanvin Tassel Belt – Available at Julianne // info@julianneny.com

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