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August 25, 2015

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Hi everyone out there! Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Sarah and will be working on social media for Julianne. (You’ll also be able to find me in-store!) I thought it would be fun to put a face to the work you’ll be seeing so Amanda, Julianne’s Buyer/Sales Manager, and I put together a quick Q&A for you. You’ll find her questions, and my answers, below.

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Q: How did you get started in Fashion?
A: Looking back I can see now that I was always interested in fashion. As a child I’d take hours to pick out my outfit for school the following day. Instead of taking notes in class I’d draw the “dream outfit” I wished were in my closet. I somehow ended up at film school and again found myself distracted by clothes. I distinctly remember I’d pass the time in one of my graphic design classes by flipping through runway shots!

I eventually listened to the obvious indications and went to FIDM Los Angeles to study Merchandise Marketing. From there I graduated and began working as a stylist and social media manager at a women’s e-commerce boutique here in Santa Barbara. I’ve now found my way to Julianne and am SO excited for this new adventure!

Q: Who is your favorite designer this season for FW15?
A: Ah, it’s hard to pick! I tend to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. I’m forever in love with the perfect, minimal pieces The Row turns out. I was also very into the clean, futuristic look of Alexander Wang. Those studded accents he did… So good. On the other hand I’m into theatrics and always look forward to seeing what incredibly intricate pieces Oliver Rousteing can dream up over at Balmain.

Q: What is your personal style like? Do you have any fashion icons?
A: More than anything I like to feel comfortable and confident in what I wear. I don’t like to be tugging, adjusting etc. I’m forever obsessed with model off-duty shots and try to channel that same carefree feel in my everyday look.

Q:What is your favorite weekend item to wear?
A: I love a good romper or jumpsuit. They have the simplicity of a dress but are a bit more casual and easier to adventure in!

Q: What do you think is the most versatile item in the store this season? How would you style it?
A: I’m an accessory fiend — so I’ll have to go with our classic black YSL bags. Talk about a buy now wear forever (and ever!) kind of item. They’d pair well with any daytime look but I’d rock one with black pointed pumps, denim and an oversized cashmere v-neck. Cozy but polished.

YSL Black Bag

Q: What was the last movie you’ve seen?
A: Amy, a documentary on Amy Winehouse. Her story was incredibly heartbreaking. However, I think the film did a wonderful job highlighting the woman behind the tabloid drama and focusing on her talent.

Q: What is your favorite SB location or hidden little gem?
A: My favorite spot has to be Loon Point Beach in Summerland. It’s off the beaten path and allows you more privacy than some of the more well-known beaches. I love to bring a book and post up there for an afternoon.

Q: What are you excited about the most with joining the Julianne team?
A: The fact that I can spend my day surrounded by what I love most (fashion) and other people that appreciate it is truly a treat. I’m hoping that by joining the team I’ll be able to let a few more people in on one of Montecito’s best kept secrets!

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